Action Alerts

Take Action

Access the EatRightPRO Advocacy Action Center and take action today!  Remember, there’s no limit on how many times you can take action, so put it on your daily to-do list and make your voice heard!

Important facts to remember about Action Alerts:

  • Action Alerts make a difference.
  • Numbers matter - can be sent multiple times!
  • Every letter makes an impact - Legislators will remember you and will take action.
  • Remember - Action Alerts can be personalized.  It is nice to do but not required.
  • See the video on how complete the action alert and legislation 101 (coming soon!)
  • Remember numbers matter!  Share with your colleagues and friends.
  • What is needed for the action alert:
    • Email and mailing address associated with your AND membership
    • Need to use home address and/or zip code- to find your legislators
    • Remember – you need to live in the district of your legislator
  • To find your legislators:

Email Robin Skibber, LDN (Public Policy CO-chair) at if you have questions or need assistance.