Your participation in the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee (PANDPAC) events helps to connect PAND dietitian nutritionists with members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, providing us with the opportunity to advocate for our patients and nutrition related policies, such as the Dietitian Nutritionist Bill.



Support Dietitian Nutritionist Legislation via PANDPAC

Please donate to the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics PAC today! Your donation helps support state legislators who are pro-nutrition, food, and health.

The easiest way to get involved in political action with PAND is to make a contribution to PANDPAC. There are several ways to donate:

  • Cash or Check: Donate in-person at your next district meeting or PAND sponsored event (see below for mailing address)
  • Attend PANDPAC Laughraiser 2022 (live!) at AME on April 21st (Buy tickets here)
  • Or Buy a bottle of wine during AME at PANDPAC's Wine Pull 2022 (details to come)

PANDPAC at AME 2022!!

The PANDPAC is proud to announce we are bringing the R’s: refresh(ment), refocus, reignite of this year’s AME theme to life as we present the 3rd Annual PANDPAC Laughraiser 2022!! Click HERE to Register!

This previous virtual comedy show will be LIVE for the first time; you don’t want to miss it!

Date: April 21st 

Time: 7:30-9pm

Location: Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works

Featuring the talented stand up comedians: 

Troy Moore, Lisa Jones, Mary Rapach, and Jeannine Luby!

The Lineup:



Troy Moore

Troy began his stand-up comedy career in 2011 while attending RowanUniversity. Since then, he has frequently performed at clubs and venues in thePhiladelphia, New Jersey and New York areas. He has opened for well-knowncomics Gilbert Gottfried and Mark Normand and has toured as the opening actfor Jay Black at a variety of clubs and colleges on the East Coast. He iscurrently featured on NJ 101.5’s “Speaking Comedy” Podcast. His materialincludes jokes about his girlfriend, family, and previous job struggles, all ofwhich give him plenty to talk about. Click for more info.


Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones, MA, RDN, LDN, FAND, is a Philadelphia-based, award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, funny speaker, and stand-up comedienne. She is not just mildly amusing—she is really funny.  Lisa was bit by the comedy-bug at a young age, entertaining her family at the dinner table with knock-knock jokes.  Soon she discovered SNL and would memorize many bits and made her siblings perform them.   

Lisa has experience in improvisation, sketch, and stand-up comedy.  She has performed at Shubin Theatre, Flappers, Helium, Boston Comedy Festival, and many other venues in and around the Tri-state area. 

When she is not performing in comedy shows, Lisa is an entrepreneur and owner of Lisa Jones LIVE.  She is a keynote speaker and author specializing in using humor to connect with audiences. Lisa has a Master of Arts in Nutrition Education from Immaculata University and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from West Virginia University. In 2014, Lisa was recognized as Outstanding Dietitian of the Year by the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the highest honor bestowed upon a Pennsylvania Dietitian. 


Mary Rapach

Mary Rapach, Comedy Lead at Scranton Improv & Comedy, has been behind the mic at bars, clubs, and stages of all sizes across the region presenting their unique brand of observational humor based on a life spent at the edge of normalcy. Voted Access NEPA's Best Comedian in "the before times", they're excited to perform in front of 3-dimensional humans again and hopes that the event's attendees (or at least THEY) remember to wear pants.


Jeannine Luby

Jeannine Luby believes strongly in the power of humor and laughter to help herself and others manage stress and cope with our “pain points” in life…everything from being stuck in traffic or shooing a squirrel off your “squirrel-proof” bird feeder, to bigger stressors like losing a loved one or living with an illness.

Recently Jeannine created a new platform to share laughs—and much more--with her podcast “Uncorked with Funny Wine Girl,” available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Jeannine has performed comedy improvisation and stand-up comedy over the last 20 years and now focuses on ladies’ night comedy shows at wineries and for private and corporate events.

In addition to using humor, Jeannine also spreads laughter through her business Laugh to Live!, leading wellness workshops featuring interactive, stress-relieving laughter yoga.

Find Jeannine at Laugh to Live and Funny Wine Girl Jeannine on Facebook.




Micki Orlowsky

Micheline Orlowsky, who usually goes by Micki, may sound familiar. You may recognize her because she currently is the PAND President Elect. She is active within the dietetics community and has served as Northeast PA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Past-President, President, President-Elect, Professional Education Chair and Professional Education Chair-Elect, and Career Paths Panel Coordinator, on the Board of the PA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee as Chair-Elect, and was the State Volunteer Chair for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics National Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Philadelphia in 2019. She also received the Emerging Dietetic Leader Award in 2021. However, you’ll be seeing a whole new side as she serves as the emcee for the 3rd annual PAND PAC Laughraiser. Micki started her comedic journey late in life in May 2019 by becoming involved with Scranton Improv and Comedy. She has performed in several live showcases and jams as an improv performer and is well known within the group for creating eccentric characters. However, the pandemic put a lot of live performing on pause so during quarantine she decided to dabble in stand-up comedy writing and performed virtually with her peers. She also became a member of the Laugh Collective Improv group and virtually performed with them at last year’s PAND PAC 2nd annual Laughraiser. She is looking forward to hosting the event and hopes you all will enjoy laughing your socks off while supporting a very important cause to support our legislative efforts.  


The Laughraiser is guaranteed to add more R’s like “relax” and “revive relationships” to your conference! So buy your ticket today! Click here to purchase tickets.

Note: All proceeds collected will be donated to the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee; all donations are voluntary and are not tax deductible.


By popular request…Wine Pull is back!!!

 Are you planning on grabbing a drink with friends and colleagues at AME 2022? We’ve got a deal for you - avoid the crowds and get a bargain bottle of wine at PANDPAC’s Wine Pull!

 Sales will begin at the PANDPAC booth on Thursday and end on Friday, April 22nd at 4:40pm. 

  • Buy a ticket, get a bottle of wine of your choice!
  • Tickets are $20 each (1 ticket redeemed per bottle)
  • Tickets can be redeemed on Friday from 4:45-5:30 pm at the PANDPAC Booth 
  • Wine pull redemption is on a first come, first serve basis, so come early!
  • Don’t miss out on this bargain happy hour and chance to support your PANDPAC!

Note: All proceeds collected will be donated to the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee; all donations are voluntary and are not tax deductible.

Each and every donation is critical to the promotion and success of nutrition policies in Pennsylvania; your contribution makes a significant difference and is greatly appreciated!

Please note: donations made to PANDPAC are voluntary and are not tax deductible.


Chairperson – Jennifer Lengyel, MS, RDN, LDN 

Chairperson Elect – Beth Chiodo, MS, RD, LDN, CHWC

Secretary  – Vacant

Treasurer – Andrew Goodman of Milliron Goodman LLC  

Trustees (district representation):

  • Beth Chiodo, MS, RD, LDN, CHWC (Philly AND)
  • Jennifer Lengyel, MS, RDN, LDN (Philly AND)
  • Maren Callahan, MS Ed, RDN, CSR, LDN (NEAND)
  • Micheline Orlowsky, MS, RDN, LDN (NEAND)
  • Martine Scannavino, DHSc, RDN, LDN, FAND (LVDA)
  • Missy Kline, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC (PittAND)
  • Alyssa Weinfurther, MS, RD, CSO, LDN (PittAND)


We are looking for PANDPAC trustees from the NWPA and CPAND districts.

If you have an interest in serving on the PANDPAC Committee, please contact the Chairperson by email at or Chair-elect Beth Chiodo at


What is a PAC?

PANDPAC is the political action committee for the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The PAC is made up of RDN professionals that represent different regions of Pennsylvania. We channel contributions to election campaigns of political candidates and political committees who have demonstrated interest and understanding in the views and goals of the committee and the Academy.

Why donate to the PANDPAC?

Your support of PANDPAC helps to connect us with Pennsylvania members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, providing us with the opportunity to advocate for our patients and nutrition related policies, such as the Dietitian Nutritionist Bill.

Can I mail a check donation?

Absolutely! If you prefer writing a check, make payable to PANDPAC and mail it to:

  • PANDPAC c/o Milliron Goodman, LLC
  • 200 North Third St., Suite 1500
  • Harrisburg, PA 17101


If the donation is between $50.01-$250 please include your name and home address. Any donation above $250 must additionally include your employer and employer’s address.


Thank you to our Current PANDPAC contributors!



For questions or information regarding the PANDPAC, please contact: or