Incident Reporting Tool

The Incident Reporting Tool (IRT) is an online method for anyone to report incidents of harm inflicted during nutrition counseling or treatment or to share stories of success, which articulate the value of professional nutrition and dietetics practices by registered dietitians (RD/RDNs).  This information will be collected nationally with the primary goal of ensuring the health and safety of our communities.

The public and health care professionals both benefit from having a complete and accurate picture of the nature of the risk caused by unqualified and unlicensed providers. At the same time, increasing awareness of the value of quality professional nutrition services by RD/RDNs advances the profession and enables recognition of safe, effective practice.

The Academy will securely maintain these incident reports and provide compiled data to states consistent with legal privacy restrictions. Use of the IRT will enhance efforts to prevent further harm and recognize success to better promote enhanced nutrition care and protect public safety.

This reporting tool also enables the Academy to monitor compliance with ethical obligations instilled upon all RD/RDNs. These standards are set forth by the Code of Ethics for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession.